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+ TWO High Converting OTO'S + Over $190 potential per customer/per year!

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PROVEN WINNER - UCM Creates and manages automated and live webinars. Our test webinar converted at 45% on an automated, 'fake live' webinar of over 100 people who attended and 98 of them believed they were on a LIVE webinar! Internal list promotion to just sales page converted at just over 30% without any warm up emails or teasers. ZERO REFUNDS TO DATE!

PROVEN MARKET - Smart marketers know webinars are the number 1 way to close prospects. It's a proven and widely adopted closing platform that flat out works! Whether it's online or offline prospects.

COMPETITION IS OVER PRICED - Our competition with less features and not a real webinar environment, can cost over $497 and $69 a month. Even lower quality solutions are $297 a year. UCM is $97 per year and $17 a month for Pro upgrade for unlimited LIVE (real) and Automated webinars, plus Pro Upgrade has additional features not found in Standard version. Finally, your customers can afford to get into automated (or live) webinars, where other solutions are simply out of reach for a majority of marketplace who can't afford the inflated price tags.

FINALLY.. A REAL WEBINAR ENVIRONMENT - UCM automated webinars creates a real live look and feel down to the sights, sounds and even lady's welcome voice, among many other features. No more busted credibility and looking like a fool with older technology! We know you have seen them.

LIVE WEBINAR LOOK WITHOUT THE EXPERIENCE - Marketers know putting a real webinar is not for the faint at heart. It requires certain skills only a handful possess. Know, fear of public speaking, stagefright, technical issues, and every issue associated with a live webinar are a thing of the past.

EASE OF USE - Your customers can set up an automated webinar in minutes. No confusing jargon, long winded feature set rules, customization challenges, and 3rd party integration confusion. We have made UCM user friendly as possible so everyone can benefit from automated and live webinars

...Introducing the most user-friendly, ultra realistic and affordable automated webinar system on the planet!

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STANDARD VERSION - Does 'Ultra Realistic' Automated Webinars with loads of features

PRO UPGRADE - Adds LIVE webinars using Google Hangouts streaming in a unique way + even more features!

:: Below is a Webinar created with UCM, Edward installed & set up on his basic $10/mo. shared hosting account and we had over 100 people viewing page at the same time with no issues ::

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